Monday, December 17, 2007

The reason I created this blog

I now no longer post on 360 @ yahoo...the other, two blogs @ Blogspot, are for poems, and general inforamtion sans personal matter.
Now I do maintain a journal at Livejournal, but thats a private one.
So, the problem was where to post the stories that I have been wanting to write all this while...and hence the birth of this blog.
The first post is obviously dedicated to the sneak preview of my yet to be published novel.
I am working on it. I dont know whether it will get published , ever...but I love writing, and it provides me the soothing effect which no one else does.
SO the story begins like this.....

"The horizon lined with the orange and red hues of the setting sun, provided a perfect contrast to the muddy, dusty vast expanse of land that stretched far and wide with trees and shrubs of several sizes dotting the landscape. The coolness of night was yet to settle in, and there was some eeriness in the air, which seemed a strange mix of humidity, confusion and morbidness. It always appeared the same to Nalin, who could never comprehend the mystery when day and night met. The time to him seemed to stand still, indecisive and yet destined to change during those hours. “More or less like my life”, thought he. The life was moving ahead day by day, night by night and yet it remained the same year after year.
Shashwat would come along with him during his expeditions to the nearby treks, usually on weekends. Nalin would come there alone, often when he wanted answers to most of his unanswered questions in life. But he never had any luck. Yet he kept coming there again and again. Probably one day the divinity would bless him, or probably one day he would know the ultimate truth with the help of some bodhi tree, thought he, looking at the tree lined pathway. Whatever it was, the exercise suited him enough to keep his mind off certain things for some time from which he couldn’t run away.
He decided to go back once again without his answers. Couple of giggly young college girls went past him, near the foot over bridge. He threw a furtive glance over them. Suddenly his heart skipped a beat. One of them looked exactly like Shweta did, while they were in college. Curly hair pulled back in tight ponytail, bespectacled doe eyes, and a dimpled smile that brightened her face. A smile crossed his face.
The problems in his life were enough and more to keep him distracted. But the girl passing by, made him restless, and he couldn’t help but remember those days.......

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