Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have to submit my thesis in 10 days from now. Not a right time to deviate my attention elsewhere, but still....the writing will at least take some worries away.
I really don't know if I am doing the right thing by joining corporate. Prior to Swiss conference I was all gung-ho on joining acads...one conference made me realize that grass was greener on the nonacademic front, and I got into the grueling process of applying for placements, sitting through numerous interviews, discovering certain abilities which I did not know were there in me, and finally took up an offer, which I was keen in. The job is good, scope is definitely good, ample chances of rising high, pay is sufficient, but still I am confused. I am not sure if I did the right thing of moving away from acads. The argument always is to go back to acads whenever I feel like...But I dont know what will happen. I might like my job, and never leave. But I might not, and the work hors are going to be like 10 hours at the minimum, plus loads of travel.
If I don't join acads now, I will lose on the numerous research opportunities, and then when I join it later, I will be lagging as many years behind in my career.
If I join acads, I will have the perfect work life balance, opportunity to do what I like the most, and have everything according to my wish, but for the pay.
If I join work, I will definitely get more exposure, but will have to sacrifice on the work life balance front.
Money is not an issue for me. The real challenge is to prioritize my needs, of which I really have no clue.
Shall think some more.......

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