Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mad, Mad Life…

I shall soon complete two months on my new job. Life has never been so full. I rarely get time to talk to my husband now. Both of us get back by 7:30/8:00 PM, and then its again office work/internet. The cook comes in half an hour later. Dinner is served soon after that, and then maybe while having dinner, and watching TV, we might exchange some words.
We talk over phone when we are in our respective offices. In fact we talk more then, as compared to when we are at home. I usually leave at 8 in the morning, he a little later. So mornings its rush time again, with the cook and servant appearing together, me telling then what to cook/clean, and then I start my getting-ready-for-office routine.

There are times which are easy. This happens when I work from home, which happens once in two weeks.

Then comes the weekend, which for working couples means sleep for long hours, do grocery shopping, get clothes ironed for the week, catch couple of movies, socialize with friends, visit some weekend getaways.

We don’t do that (except for may be grocery shopping, when it becomes really urgent). There is home delivery for most things, so going to a store and having the time to browse through all labels, brands, flavors, is actually a luxury for us. So we do miss on best price-product combo, pay more to our faithful Kirana shop, and be satisfied with whatever he offers, because we don’t have time.

So what do we do on weekends. No, we don’t sleep it off. I have become hugely sleep deprived after shifting to ‘posh’ South Delhi, because JAL BOARD of Delhi doesn’t let me sleep late in the mornings. I have to get up at 6:00 AM everyday, switch on the motor, ensure that overhead water tanks are full while the water supply is on for few hours in the morning.

To cut the long story of woes short, we are spending our weekends (whatever weekends we can spend together, since he travels 15 days in a month) buying furniture. Since we have been living out of suitcase since our marriage, we have thought of settling down a bit, and we have to buy furniture for people who might visit us. We do have plush living room and bedroom furniture. But we haven’t yet furnished our guestroom, which looks more like a railway platform with travel bags, suitcases, shoes, mattresses strewn-on-the-floor with printer-perched-on-top, besides a huge load of washed clothes-waiting to be folded neatly and put away in wardrobes (which never happens).

We have also been trying to get rid of the excess baggage that comes with sedentary lifestyle, so we invested in a swanky treadmill this week. We promised to ourselves that we would use it for 30 mins at least every day. I have not even touched it!

They say that money buys you everything. In my case it isn’t buying Time.

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KP said...

only thing I can say time flies:).
certainly agree, money doesnt buy time!
hope u guys find the time!