Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gai humari mata hai

Yes this is an essay (yet another) on a beaten-to-death topic, ironically bringing out the issue of being ‘beaten-bombed-grenaded-shot-to-death’

When are we going to even learn? How many death tolls (and how much more frequent terror attacks) will it take for us to realize that each one of us is responsible for the present state of affairs. We are responsible for electing series of governments which has marshmallow policies on terror and focuses on divide and rule. And post each attack we take pride in the bovine divinity of forgetting and moving on. This is not moving on, this is being coward and being self centered. We don’t and can never believe in a unifying cause which doesn’t have regionalism or casteism as the driving force. Terrorism, what’s that?

Why do we get euphoric when US leaders in particular, publicly condemn the terror attacks on India? We often ignore the fact that the condemnation comes in very late when the victims are Indians. Almost in all the cases where US nationals, British nationals are affected, do their governments promptly issue statements. And we gloat over this, as if we still need some kind of reaffirmation from the world, for the damage that has been done by cross border terrorism.

Sometimes I wonder if it is the same country that had joined hands with the national leaders of pre independence era, in getting rid of the British rule. People sacrificed their lives, compromised with the luxuries, and unified against a common cause, which was surprisingly not based on caste, creed, religion. How come that spirit to free India which lasted for almost a 100 years died its natural death merely 50 odd years post liberation. Was it mob hysteria? Or does it take a generation for a society to forget and move on and become so indifferent to the cause which is affecting rich and poor, people of all religion equally. Do we need some iconic leader who would goad us into fighting this terror threat that looms large everywhere? Or are we waiting for one?

Even the wait would have been better, but can someone explain why do we get irritated at the long security check queues at public places. I have seen people being annoyed at poor hapless security personnel at shopping malls, when they are stooped by them for frisking bags. Why do we always take pleasure in avoiding the security drills, breaching the measures, and being impolite to the person who is doing his/her job of making sure the place is secure? Aren’t we the same ones who happily do all of this and more when we are abroad?

Why do we have a bovine attitude here in India? How much more will it take for us to realize that the crisis facing us is of huge proportions?

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