Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Warm Winter Wish

There is nothing like a hot cup of masala chai with aromas of ginger, tulsi (basil family) and ilaichi (cardamom) emanating from the tea pot, permeating the cozy environs, while you sit outside in the warm sun with a book in your hand. It’s Blissful.

I am making full use of my work-from-home facility these days and enjoying winter season of north India to its fullest. Now it’s been more than 5 years that I have spent my winters like this. In Bangalore, there weren’t any winters, to laze around in sun. So when we shifted to Noida last year, the apartments were those pigeon-hole apartments where you don’t get enough space even for the laundry-line. And winters last year were a torture to me (of whatever little time I was there in Noida), after being acclimatized to Bangalore’s climate. But this year, after shifting to South Delhi, and being fortunate enough to get a house, which has independent terraces, which make sure there is sun throughout the day in my house, winter season has been warm so far .

So I get my laptop, bean bag, a table, power chord and soak in the sun as long as I want to. My only wish is to replace the laptop with a book, but unfortunately I can’t do that. After all I am working from home….

And this luxury is short lived too. I came back from Dubai a week back, and next week I am traveling again. I am hoping that winter is still there when I come back.

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Puja Upadhyay said...

I am in Bangalore for the past two years...and Oh I miss the Delhi winters so so much!
Feeling envious now :)