Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life after marrying an MBA

1. Everything in your life will be planned, note everything. Starting from how should you be spending your holidays/weekends to your life post retirement. All contingency will be taken into account and scenarios would be carefully thought of and accounted for.

2. Every expense (past and future) will be in some excel file. There will be a trend analysis of past expenses to group the heads where you can optimize (read: cut your budget). Future expenses like loan payment will be analyzed in at least 10 different cases with different rates of inflation and growth rate of salary.

3. Every purchase you do will be carefully examined to see if one is receiving the true value out of it. Market research will be promptly done (with full reviews) and finally when the right deal is there, Bang! You definitely get what you needed, though it might take a while. But remember, RIGHT Deal...that is the key word here.

4. All travel would be in a true tourist style, sneakers, caps and maps in place. You do have to utilize your time, you can’t waste it by lying holed up in your hotel room reading....

5. The air travel will be planned such that the mile summary reads higher figures, so that when the spouse has to travel, you simply convert the miles and buy tickets. Learn to ECONOMISE people!!

6. All talk you will have with your spouse will be peppered with top-line, bottom-line, Scenario-planning, Budgeting, Pro-active, tactical, ideate, and not to forget STRATEGIC!!

7. If you happen to invest in some life insurance scheme or some mutual fund scheme, be prepared to see the sales guy/s get hassled by your spouse’s deft use of MS excel to show him that the product that the sales guy is selling is much inferior to that of the rival’s.

8. Also (in continuation with point no 7) be prepared to see a lot of sales people for that one product which you had seen on TV and wanted to invest in.

9. TV viewing would be limited to business news, and your spouse mood would fluctuate with the stock market. Learn to be sympathetic when stock market falls, even if it does not concern you.

10. Last and most important is MULTITASKING. You will get used to your spouse answering the calls, making you a drink, writing a mail, and using sign language to communicate all within the same span of time!

All this will continue even if you try explaining and instilling the notion that however thorough we may plan, life is unpredictable. Learnings of a B school gets ingrained deeper.


Uma said...

hilarious :)..nice observation there!!

A Girl from Timbuktu said...

@ Uma: hehe thanks :)

Notmanish said...

one question that is left unanswered - Is it good or bad? ;)

A Girl from Timbuktu said...

@Notmanish: Its definitely good, someone is there to take of all the calculations, you can sit back and enjoy life ;)

The Learner said...

I wonder if it applies more to female spouse being an MBA :)

I've dreamt of doing all since MDA (here's a typo I am not even rechecking)but right from Nursery, never did my homework :(

Puja Upadhyay said...

I am sending it to all my unmarried friends :D after all what are friends for!