Thursday, September 3, 2009

So you can Kick your DIL legally!

Someone posted this on facebook. This seems horrifying and suggests that some amount of violence is permissible by law (sec 498 A IPC).
However, given that lots of cases are not genuine (yes I have witnessed instances where the bride's family harassed the groom's family), this makes sense to some extent (like divorce threat), but any amount/degree of physical torture is not acceptable, even if it is kicking.

Come to think of it, while the judges have ruled that they wanted to account for bona fide cases, and hence the kicking (by MILs, relatives of husband) have to be termed as within the "boundary of law". How is someone going to ascertain that the kicking was merely shoving with legs and not a powerful thrust of legs in the stomach/ groin/ chest or even face!

People can misuse this as well. It can be interpreted as:

Use your legs to beat your DIL black and blue since its only "kicking" and its legal!


sm said...

yes interesting point.

Anonymous said...

Yes I felt that too. This was serious and should have been explained very clearly. Violence is serious, and this should not have been left open to misinterpretation or misuse.