Friday, November 6, 2009

Working with IDIOTS

Location update: Lucknow, capital of my home state. (Work related travel)

I had thought earlier that I would never ever write about the people I work with/for. But of late Work related stress due to working with IDIOTS has been mounting up to such a great deal, that writing about it will have some therapeutic effect to some extent (I hope). Resigning from the job is the permanent solution to cure it, and needless to say I am evaluating certain options, but for certain reasons I need to stick around and continue working with people whom I can’t stand. And I am not grinning and bearing it....far from it.

I have worked with a lot of people whom I couldn’t stand earlier as well, and I didn’t have any problems because there was certain professionalism to the manner in which work was done. The problem comes when people you work with, are thorough UN-professionals. When simple courtesy is forgotten, when work at hand becomes secondary to prevailing politics, when you have fibbing colleagues, who are such compulsive liars, who despite being confronted will build on mountains of lies just to prove their point, and when you have incompetent idiots who don’t even want to learn!

How am I dealing with it? Writing about it  and maintaining a lot of distance from such people. If one can’t learn their ways, the best way is to keep far from such people.


Uma said...

Hey, you from BIT Mesra? Me too :D..which batch? BTW nice post. Keep em coming..

Notmanish said...

I guess it happens at every workplace...but hey! life starts after 6 pm :)