Friday, September 3, 2010

Jara nach ke dikha!

So what is dance by the way!! Wikipedia defines it as a form of expression, social interaction and as a form of non verbal communication between humans.

In common parlance it would be an expression of Joy or Fun, because you see so many people  dancing in parties, dancing in marriage ceremonies, or  dancing  just like that.

I am ok with people expressing their joys physically like that. What bothers me is when people start pushing other people (people like me ) to do IT. While I am not against dance, I am not so much of a dance person really. I would rather do a Nawab Wajid Ali Shah and watch people dance , than exert myself. Also because I am very lazy, so for me the concept of joy or happiness lies in reading a good book, listening to good music or just talking to good friends or may be trekking/going out somewhere. That brings me more fun and joy  than shaking a leg.

And I had always been like that. The numerous  ragging sessions at several  colleges and innumerable parties could not help me change my ways. And whenever I tried ( I have everything left, including two left feet and two left arms !) it would be so clumsy, that in all that mayhem, for the risk of not injuring anyone, I thought it would be in the best interest of everyone that I leave the floor.

But life has its own derisive ways. So I married a guy who is passionate about dancing, and not only that, the entire khandan (family) has to break into song and dance routine at every party, function, etc. So nightmare of all nightmares….I was expected to do the same. 

Over time my husband gave up on me, and I was secretly very happy about it :)…. But people never change. So they insisted and insisted even more. And I got away every time, except when  my brother got married, or at a recent family wedding, where there was no escape, really!

While weddings and baraats are still fine (there is nothing better to do to burn the calories from all the good food), I still cannot bring myself to the floor when the party is rather a birthday or some celebration. I still prefer the verbal communication form better.

A lot of times, there are people who understand my situation and they don’t force. They become my favorite instantly :). But more often I keep running into people for whom not dancing with them is an offence of magnanimous proportions. I understand their passion to dance; what I don’t understand is their insistence that everybody present should dance.

Does joy multiply in that case?


Puja Upadhyay said...

I think it's some kind of divine amusement to pair people who love dancing with people who simply can't :)
I bet god is having a laugh when such a mis-beat pair is forced to dance together on the floor. I married a guy who cannot dance to save his live(or mine) so I can understand your hubby's situation. Even I have given up on mine ever dancing...but sometimes, just sometimes I have a fervent wish to enroll him in some Salsa class...only I have it in reserve to extract revenge on him, if I ever have to.
I identified a lot with your post. Well written!

A Girl from Timbuktu said...

@ Puja: Thanks :)
LOL @ "Mis-Beat pair" !!