Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ten things to remember

1.       This is your own battle. Fight it with grace. YOU CAN DO IT.
2.       Don’t expect anything from anyone. No one will help you. No one ever did, except a few. Remember those people and be there for them
3.       Don’t let things and people bother you. Always remember that you have a long way to go; these little distractions are meant to pull you down. You do just what you are meant to do.
4.       WORK is your first priority. Everything else comes after that. ALWAYS remember that.
5.       Everything is achievable, including the impossible deemed by others. You have done it in the past, you can do it now.
6.       Be in touch with your inner self.  Don’t rely on outside world for help and support. Everything is within you and you are not alone! Not even for a moment. The great power of energy that is there, remember it often and take cues from it.
7.       There are people and situations that are worse than what you have. Remember that always, and be thankful for what you have. Very soon you will be glad you did that.
8.       Sometime from now, all this will be so easy that you will be smiling doing all of that.
9.       Don’t fret over little things. What is bound to happen will happen. You can’t prevent it!
 No matter what happens STAY COOL

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